The Virginia State Baptist Ushers Union 

   1959 ~ 2020

              Put on the whole armour of God, That ye may be able to stand 

Link for Executive Board Meeting:

Good morning:

There will be an Zoom Executive Board meeting on Saturday,
November 21, 2020 at 9:00 am. The Agenda is attached. Please make
every effort to be present and on time.

Please contact all of your ushers and VSBUU State Officers to inform the of this meeting (I do not have everyone's email address).  

All VSBUU Officers and Committees, please email me the following for the Directory:
Mailing Address
Email Address

My email address is

Love and prayers to all,

Bro. William Pointer, VSBUU President
Sis. Theresea Cobbs, VSBUU Correspondence Secretary

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