The Virginia State Baptist Ushers Union 

   1959 ~ 2022

              Put on the whole armour of God, That ye may be able to stand.  Ephesians 6:11    

2020 - 2022 Officers

William Pointer, Jr. 




First Vice President
            Denise Pig'Gee

Second Vice President
Michelle Williams

 Recording Secretary

Linda Dixon

Assistant Recording Secretary
Sandra Deborous

Corresponding Secretary
Theresa Cobbs


Financial Chairperson
James Barber,  Sr. 

Financial   Secretary
Evella Hutcheson

Fannie Barrett

 Assistant Treasurer

Charles Pleasants, Jr.


Ellen H. Sookins

Haywood Rogers

Assistant Chaplain
John Jones

Emily Carter 

 Program Chairperson

Tim Wilson

Workshop Director
Laura Barber

Ways & Means Chairperson
Mattie Cowan

 New Bodies Chairperson

Florence Taylor

         Scholarship Chairperson

Veronica Bullock

  Evaluation Chairperson
Clifton Miller

Historian Chairpersons 

George Haymes

Lillian Haymes


 Memorial Chairperson
Diane Drake


 Convention Ushers Chairperson

Dorothy P.  Williams

  Convention Ushers 

Theodore Patterson

Advisory Board Chairperson
Immediate Past President 
Tilda Davis

By-Laws Chairperson

Joan Bowers

Website Coordinator
          Aleatha Conway
    Beverly King
 Youth Officers

           Youth Director  
  LaTonya Harris-Bobbitt

Assistant Youth Director
Yvette Kennedy


Angel Dennis

  Youth President

Felicia Alexander

     Vice Presdent

Carol Dixon 

 Recording Secretary
Trinity Smith


 Assistant  Recording  Secretary  



Jayyden Leigh

Assistant Chaplain
Kalyn Myers

Yuri Radcliff